Ang aking mga kaibigan
Ay isang biyaya
Mula bata palang
Ay lagi na kami magkakasama

Nung una akala ko’y di ako maiintindihan
Habang tumatagal kami’y nagkakaunawaan
Kapag sila’y nagyayayaan
Ang sarap nilang lahat kasama kapag nag-kwekwentuhan

Sila’y parang isang buntot
Sunod ng sunod kahit saan ka pumunta
Tulad ng pagpunta sa palikuran
Nagdadala sila ng kasiyahan

Kapag ako’y gutom o kailangan ng tulong sa anumang bagay
Lalapit lang ako sa kanila
At mawawala ang lahat ng aking problema

Sa buong buhay natin magkakasama
Kayo na rin ang aking pamilya
Na nagbibigay kulay
Sa aking buhay

Huwag natin kalimutan ang ating mga kaibigan
Dahil sa ating pagtanda
HIndi mo makakalimutan na sila ang mga nagbigay kasiyahan
Sa ating kalooban



SONA 2014: Did you feel any change in the Philippines?

The current state of the Philippines is obviously still the same. I mean the way our country looks is still the same. I honestly didn’t expect the president to say good things about our country, because it was full of disasters and scandals all the time. In the president’s speech he incompletely told everyone what happened on our country this year because he didn’t say anything about the scams. If he states it in front of everyone it will be embarrassing and he’ll lose his reputation as a president.

In the 2014 SONA I’m most interested in the issue of rice hoarders. He stated in his speech that people steal rice from suppliers and they would sell it for a higher price. He proposed his plan to import more rice and sell it for a lower price to the masses; so in result the hoarders’ lost. The president made a way for this kind of issue for the mean time. In my opinion, instead of importing rice he should’ve made a plan of fixing agriculture in the Philippines. If he made a solution of fixing our farms and supporting our farmers this issue of rice hoarding would never happen.

The president’s speech was delivered just right but I wasn’t really satisfied of PNoy’s speech because I didn’t feel change at all, maybe for me as a student. But for others, I guess they felt it. Even if the president’s not that good, I guess he did well as a leader for the country. Because being president and leading a country is not that easy.

Replay: A Youth’s Love and Making the Right Choices

Footnote to Youth by Jose Garcia Villa is about a young man who is 17 named Dodong who feels that he is a grown man. He wanted to marry a girl named Teang. So he told his parents about it. His parents actually didn’t allow him to marry yet because he’s very young. Well, his parents was forced to allow him to marry. Nine months later, Dodong is waiting outside while Teang gives birth to their first son, Blas. He felt young and inexperienced and did not want any more children. But Teang gave birth for the next six years and had seven children in all. Teang was now shapeless and thing from bearing so many children and from the hard work and the household. Even though she loved Dodong, she wished that she should’ve married so young. When their first son Blas turns 18, he told his father that he wanted to marry Tena.

Flashback! Realize that what happened to Dodong in the past is what’s happening to his son Blas right now. OK. CONTINUE. Dodong asks the same question his father asked him. He does not want him to make the same mistake he did. He was helpless. He realizes that he is dealing with youth and love and after that comes real life. He felt extremely sad and sorry for his son.

I learned that during a youth’s stage, love is all what matters. Some teens are so impatient that they want to have a relationship and a family of their own. That’s why there are teenage parents who are inexperienced like Dodong and wishing that they should’ve married young.


(I entitled this blog Replay because Dodong’s son Blas also repeated/experienced what happened to his father in the past.)




Hey guys! I’m going to blog about a JLin fanfic since I’ve been a super crazy fan of JLin! So basically what you’ll be seeing in my blog is about Melo wearing a no. 7 jersey in Houston Toyota Center and JLin traded to Lakers.

During summer while everyone was having a vacation, everyone noticed that there was something wrong. People noticed that the billboard in Toyota Center was plastered with Melo’s face wearing a number 7 Rockets jersey. He felt disrespected and wasn’t happy with the Rockets with Melo’s image wearing his no. 7 jersey. But Lin was aware that he would be traded if Melo joins the Rockets. Later, Jeremy responded on twitter telling a verse from the Bible which he used as a pun to stand up for im entitled to standup for himself and he felt disrespected as he did thru tweet but point is love unconditionally/as jesus loved him. Luke 6:29 – If someone slaps you on one cheek, turn to them the other also. If someone takes your coat, do not withhold your shirt from them.


Summer is over, vacay is now over for JLin and all NBA players. Good-bye Houston, good-bye McHale! I’ll miss my homies Pat Bev, Chandler, Dwight and the rest of the team! Thank you to Houston fans, media, Rockets staff, coaches and teammates for the last 2 years! Sad it never went, or ended, the way I had envisioned it to, but God always has a perfect plan and I’ll forever cherish that chapter of my life. Im SO blessed to join the Lakers and cant wait to get started!!! #purpleandgold #calikid

It was good to be back on court wearing his crazyquick lows on the first day of training with the Lakers and he was absolutely energetic and wanted the ball on his hands all the time. He met his new teammates and it was an experience for him working with the Lakers. The court is his second home. His team is treated as if it’s his family by blood. Every time the ball goes “BOUNCE! BOUNCE!” the sound of the ball was as if it was his lullaby. Every time that he stops, step and shoot the ball roars like a wild tiger.

After days of practicing  it was time for their first game versus Jeremy’s former team the Houston Rockets. He saw his former coach Kevin McHale and his teammates Chandler, Dwight, Harden, Pat and the others. It was pressuring for him because it’s kinda of weird having a math with your former teammates. It seems like he will not be able to score because his former teammates know his strength and weakness.

Many people were cheering for Lakers and Lin had a lot of bandwagons. Staples center was so packed and the yelling, screaming and cheering of the crowd could be heard by the whole world! It was tip-off already and Jeremy didn’t mind the crowd and kept focused on the ball imagining that God is sitting on the bleachers and he was just playing for the audience of one. —-Fastforward—-During the game, Lakers lead the game ’til 3rd quarter. It was the 4th quarter and he had ten seconds left! Kobe passed to Gasol then to Lin! Lin shoots and scores beyond the buzzer! And earned a triple-double during the first game! Lin tallied a total of 15 points, a career-high 11 rebounds and 10 assists! The Lakers lead Rockets (107-90) Unbelievable! The crowd’s going crazy cheering for the Lakers!!! Looks like LINSANITY IS BACK! WHAT A PHENOMENON! Everyone congratulated the Lakers and JLin still talked to his former teammates. His coach and the team even congratulated him for a splendid performance. “Could’ve done it without God!” said,Lin.




I have been to many countries and I have seen how there systems work. It’s very sad and I feel ashamed whenever I come home to my country. Realizing that I am really living in a third-world country. Whenever I step in an airport of a different country I can sense there high standards and there is no need of paying terminal fee. And when I come home from a trip, I feel so annoyed because our airport looks like the old airport in San Francisco. It’s really different when you travel and you get to see different places. You begin to see a new perspective. I begin to realize how rubbish what our government is doing. The government always propose projects that they will do for the cities but it never happened. They just steal our taxes and that’s why this pork barrel scam is never-ending.

If I could relate a situation that happened in the Philippines in a fantasy, it will be Typhoon Yolanda. Many people we’re really affected and most people we’re homeless that time. And who did the first move on the chess board? The Westerns and some Asians. We’re so independent that we allowed foreign aid in our country without realizing it’s not really the first time having a typhoon like this.

In the article I read from Nathan Allen’s Filipinos: Think! Think! Think! I really felt what he said that we should learn to stand up for ourselves. Filipinos are talented, gifted, creative and very flexible in every skill. We should not be independent and not wait for our prince charming to come.


A Way to Kill Schoolchildren

I somehow agree on what the speaker’s saying that schoolchildren are told more fairy tales. It is true that they do that for schoolchildren because it helps them to run their imagination. I have nothing against telling schoolchildren fairy tales because kids you wouldn’t expect children to understand about debt problems of a country. Besides they’ll mature and they will also know what happens in reality. Because I was once a child too, who once believed in fantasy and happily ever afters. But, when growing-up you start to realize that we’re all living in reality where there are no straight paths but only ups and downs to be successful.

The first time i heard the title of the poem without reading the poem yet, the first thing that came into my mind was death. It was creepy of how the speaker entitled it. It sounded like it was about killing and murdering kids. But in my opinion the speaker entitled the poem A Way to Kill Schoolchildren is because what school children have been told about fantasies when they were still kids will remain in their minds ’til they mature and it will be hard for them to tell themselves that happily ever after doesn’t exist.

Jeremy Lin takes the court as a freshmen on the Crimson Basketball team


In the NBA, Jeremy was not that famous before. Kobe, Lebron, and Melo are the players that comes to our minds when we hear “NBA”. Yeah I often hear Kobe and Lebron all the time. But when since I was 8 Jeremy is the best player in the NBA for me!! I liked Jeremy because he finished college. Because not all players finished college, only a few did. I liked Jeremy because he’s Asian, tall, smart and he got style and especially the looks! #proudasian #fangirl OKAY ENOUGH SAID. I’VE GOT SO MANY REASONS WHY I LIKE JEREMY!!! lol #GoCrimson


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I know that almost 99.9% of the students wonder why Friday is so close to Monday and Monday is so far from Friday. So, do you guys still remember Rebecca Black’s Friday? I guess you guys still remember it, because it was nominated the “worst song ever”. To be honest I could relate to the song, but yeah it doesn’t sound good. She received millions of views but it had 345,660 million likes and 1,304,771 million dislikes. Should that be the other way around? That is so weird. When I was watching some YouTube videos, I just found out that there’s Rebecca Black Saturday this Saturday. I listened to it, I can relate to it, but this was pretty better that Friday. 😉 She’s done with Friday and Saturday. So, what’s next? Sunday? Monday? Tuesday? Wednesday? Thursday? lol 😛 Oh, and yeah I don’t want this Saturday to end.  😛