It’s Time For a Hornets #7 Jersey!

Most of you all now that Jeremy Lin agreed to sign with Charlotte Hornets after one season with the Los Angeles Lakers. Plenty of people re-acted on why he decided to have a 2-year contract with the Hornets instead of the Mavs. I would also want to congratulate him because I think he has found […]


KLUE radio in Texas organises a public Beatles bonfire Saturday August 13, 1966: In response to John Lennon’s comments that the Beatles were ‘more popular than Jesus’, radio station KLUE in Longview, Texas organizes one of the first mass-burnings of Beatles records and merchandise. Sunday August 14, 1966: lightning strikes the broadcast tower of the […]


agadi-nwayi: old woman Her mother will be an agadi-nwayi by the time she’s 50. ekwe: a musical instrument; a type of drum made from wood I’ve always wanted to learn how to play the ekwe because of its amazing quality of sound. iba; fever Don’t just drink your vitamins whenever you’re having iba. eneke-nti-oba: a […]

In a Grove & Rashomon

Recently in our English class, we discussed about the two stories “In a Grove” and “Rashomon” which are both made by Ryunosuke Akutagawa. He is one of Japan’s first modernist writers and he wrote horror stories in his life. The picture shown above is a debate that can be a representation for both stories. In […]

Japanese Aesthetics

Aesthetics in simple terms means beauty. In Japanese Aesthetics, imperfection is beauty and perfection for them is dead. They really have a big difference of what they consider to be beautiful compared to the Westerns. Japanese Aesthetics is about embracing your flaws and being simple because it makes you beautiful. In the photo above, I […]

Jeremy Lin Q&A|September 3,2014

JLin: In Dallas training at the Mo Williams Academy for the week…have some down time at the hotel… so it’s Q/A time! fire away Tyler Wong: Favorite sandwich at Drfitwood?? JLin: Number 18 on dutch crunch and light on the pesto Andrew Lavalley: Favorite nba team growing up? JLinL: Golden State Warriors … from the […]

Japanese Food All The Way!

Whenever I go to the mall with my family we often eat in a Japanese restaurant. Japanese food is my favorite!! I just love eating sushi and tuna with lots of soy sauce and wasabi! What I don’t like about eating wasabi is it’s painful in the nose. Anyway, I’m going to be sharing with […]