1. agadi-nwayi: old woman

Her mother will be an agadi-nwayi by the time she’s 50.

  1. ekwe: a musical instrument; a type of drum made from wood

I’ve always wanted to learn how to play the ekwe because of its amazing quality of sound.

  1. iba; fever

Don’t just drink your vitamins whenever you’re having iba.

  1. eneke-nti-oba: a kind of bird

During sunset a group of eneke-nti-oba flies in the yellow-orange sky.

  1. jigida: a string of waist beads

I often wear a dress with jigida.

  1. nza: a very small bird

The little girl found a nza on the sidewalk.

  1. ogene: a musical instrument; a kind of gong

I didn’t pick the ogene because I found it absolutely boring to play.

  1. ilo: the village green, where assemblies for sports, discussions, etc., take place.

We will have a soccer match at the ilo later at 2pm.

  1. ndichie: elders

Always listen to the nidichie because they’ve existed longer and had more life experiences than you.

  1. nno: welcome

Nno back to school!


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