How This Teen Turned Her High School Internship Into A Game Design Career



Paulina Raguimov

Paulina Raguimov never expected to get paid to make video games when she walked into her high school’s career fair at 16.

She played them, sure. But when she walked up to the JumpStart booth to chat about the internships they had available, she had absolutely no experience with making games. “I didn’t even have a resume, I had only just become eligible to get a job at all,” she told me last week.

Despite that, she liked what she heard and applied for the position. When she got to the interview, they didn’t ask about her lack of experience or place too much emphasis on her grades, instead focusing on her interests and personality. “I got lucky,” she says. “I was the worst student until I got the job.”

Raguimov’s first role at JumpStart was as a production intern. Her responsibilities included quality assurance, the job that sounds appealing when you’re 12…

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