In a Grove & Rashomon

10743547_10202163732535124_1315656038_n (1)

Recently in our English class, we discussed about the two stories “In a Grove” and “Rashomon” which are both made by Ryunosuke Akutagawa. He is one of Japan’s first modernist writers and he wrote horror stories in his life. The picture shown above is a debate that can be a representation for both stories. In a debate, there is a government and an opposing side. A debate is being done to argue against your natural point of view realize that arguments, like coins that always have at least two sides. It is about knowing the truth, lie, guiltiness or justice. In the story of Rashomon, it shows how the old lady lied the whole time just to live and committed a sin that is just pure guiltiness. In a Grove showcases there were lots of testimonies just like in a debate. There were lots of confusing stuff that happened and each characters had different point of views which was hard to tell whether the character was telling the truth or not.


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