Jeremy Lin Q&A|September 3,2014

JLin: In Dallas training at the Mo Williams Academy for the week…have some down time at the hotel… so it’s Q/A time! fire away

Tyler Wong: Favorite sandwich at Drfitwood??

JLin: Number 18 on dutch crunch and light on the pesto

Andrew Lavalley: Favorite nba team growing up?

JLinL: Golden State Warriors … from the bay #westcoastbestcoast

Calving Dong: How are your left handed layups going?

JLin: great…my trainer makes me do a billion a day

Mark Aaron Lin: Hi Jeremy, who is your favorite chrsitian author?

JLin: Tim Keller, John Piper, and Francis Chan

Robert Moy: Best thing to eat in LA for you?

JLin: in-n-out burger, roscoe’s chicken, korean bbq, and sushi

Ronald Yu: How many hours do you spend at the gym a day

JLin:  anywhere from 3.5-4 hours a day depending what day of the week it is

蔡敏中: What kind of hamburger do u like ?

JLin: if its a cheat day and i can eat unhealthy, id go for a bbq bacon cheeseburger with jack cheese and sweet potato fries or onion rings and a brownie a la mode milkshake. yummmm

Vickie Wang: Five minutes, a gazillion questions. What’s the weirdest thing you’ve ever eaten?

JLin:  not sure but the other day in texas i saw “fried frog legs” and “fried alligator” at pappadeaux. couldnt get myself to try it…

Harris Ngai: Do you like allen iversion?

JLin:  best crossover ever. one of the best scorers ever. played with all his heart. gotta respect him

Tejus Patel: How much dota 2 do you play? Do you sometimes attend LAN events and/or pubstomps?

JLin: havent played much dota2 this past summer. whenever i do, its turned from pubstomp into pubstomped. sooo sad…

Daniel Castellanos: Welcome to Dallas, big fan!
What’s your least favorite conditioning workout?

JLin: anything on the track. cant stand running in circles lol

Marsha de Vera: What motivates you?:)

JLin:the Man upstairs and my love for people. Or i guess to tie it together, using my love for the world and platform to point them to Jesus Christ

Winnie Alex Liu: Who what when where why Shu-How??

JLin: Ill assume youre asking what my middle name means. Shu means book. My parents wanted me to be smart…book-smart to be specific. How means a combination of loyal, courageous, bold, etc. I was named How because I wouldnt stop kicking in my moms stomach so they thought they should give me a fitting name

Brenton Shar Orika Hedlam: are you fit and ready to set the l.a fan alive??

JLin: Cant wait!!! Staples Center has always been one of my favorite places to play. Fans are unbelievable. I can already sense how big and fanatical the LA fans are based on my experience the last month or two since being traded.

Coby Pennington: How do YOU think the Lakers are gonna do this year?

Jeremy Lin :im not a prophet but my guess it that were gonna do better than most everybody else thinks we will do

Marin Osawa Do you pluck your eyebrows

Jeremy Lin ew no. is that even a thing???

Dalsten Faircloth Who is ur favorite teammate of all time?

Jeremy Lin my high school teammates who helped us win state my senior year. I still talk to them and hangout with them all the time. Homies for life

Ben Fu Favorite clash of clans troop??????

Jeremy Lin the Hog Rider. but im onto boom beach now…not too much CoC these days

Koren Elle Hi Jeremy! What is your favourite chip flavour?

Jeremy Lin flamin hot cheetos …..FIREEE

Iciy Lin Any new YouTube videos coming out?

Jeremy Lin be on the look out!

Laura Huang Would you consider yourself more of an introvert or an extrovert?

Jeremy Lin Extrovert but ever since NY, I have slowly evolved into more and more of an introvert

Suyu Zhang Favorite character in Super Smash Bros

Jeremy Lin Captain Falcon in the all black outfit

Mike Medina What shoes are you playing in this season?

Jeremy Lin adidas crazyquick 2 lows for the first half of the season
adidas crazyquick 2.5 lows for the second half of the season

Harold Spivey Best movie you’ve seen in the off season?

Jeremy Lin guardians of the galaxy #ilovegroot

Lachie Dowsett favourite non bball thing to do?

Jeremy Lin spending time with family and friends. we love video games, cards, movies, mini golf, and playing the game mafia

Iciy Lin U have the most enthusiastic fans ever Do u think so?

Jeremy Lin no question!!!!!

Daniel Roh Which church are you going to attend while in LA?

Jeremy Lin havent decided. still looking. lots of good ones i hear

Katrina Sanculi Espartero So Chandler Parsons said he was a “terrible cook,” are u a better cook than him?

Jeremy Lin absolutely….I’d be surprised if he knew how to use a microwave

Jaden Ye How much you bench bro?

Jeremy Lin my one-rep max is about ~250 but i dont usually do much one-rep maxing esp on bench

Cecilia Torres do you ever really answer these questions?

Jeremy Lin Cecilia Torres no ……………………

Gary Tran Jackie Chan or Bruce Lee?

Jeremy Lin Bruce Lee would win in a fight but Jackie Chan is a funnier actor….love them both

Julia Jiayu What do you miss most about Texas?

Jeremy Lin the amount of space…the wide roads, the big grocery stores, and the laid back atmosphere

Elaine Sun favorite dessert?

Jeremy Lin ice cream on top of a cookie or brownie

Patrick Nolasco Do you think Sasuke will betray Naruto again as a finale to the series?

Jeremy Lin I dunno yet I am not that far…but Naruto is my guy because he reminds me of myself…I am rooting for him.

Elaine Kuo What song do you secretly sing?

Jeremy Lin: Justin Bieber – Beauty and a Beat

Yuka Shigetsugu do you have any plans for coming to Japan??

Jeremy Lin that is my dream vacation spot! love sushi and that’s the place to be

Frank Castillo What are your top 3 must read personal growth books?

Jeremy Lin The Bible – God
The Reason for God – Tim Keller
True Humility – CJ Mahaney

Jacky Yeung Any advice for doing well at school?

Jeremy Lin read the text before lecture, take great notes, and study a little each day instead of trying to study a lot the day before an exam…also get a calendar to help you keep track of assignments and due dates.

Stephanie Diong Describe your life as a 3 course meal!


Jeremy Lin Breakfast: bratty arrogant kid
Brunch: the hibernation process (Harvard, D-league, lockout)
Lunch: the breakout (NY)
Dinner: the hibernation process part 2 (Houston)
Dessert: thats next on the menu

Jeremy Lin That’s all for today…thanks for hanging out with me!


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