Japanese Food All The Way!

Whenever I go to the mall with my family we often eat in a Japanese restaurant. Japanese food is my favorite!! I just love eating sushi and tuna with lots of soy sauce and wasabi! What I don’t like about eating wasabi is it’s painful in the nose. Anyway, I’m going to be sharing with you my experience eating in a Japanese restaurant called YABU:House of Katsu. Katsu means pork in English, that’s why it’s called House of Pork. While entering the restaurant we were welcomed in a Japanese greeting.



DSC_0009 9a

While waiting for our orders we were served a grinding mortar with sesame seeds called Suribachi. After grinding we mixed it with tonkatsu sauce.



One of us ordered a Salmon Katsu set. In a Japanese restaurant, they usually serve Miso soup, and unlimited cabbage. The salmon was very delicious it melted in my mouth!



I ordered a Pork Katsu served with miso soup, steamed rice, cabbage and fresh fruits. It was delicious, it melts in your mouh and it was tender but for me it was just an ordinary breaded pork.


I also tried the Rosu Katsu Curry Set, served with miso soup, steamed rice, unlimited cabbage and fresh fruits. I enjoyed this meal. It was just different from the Pork Katsu because it had curry, which was just mild hot. The spiciness didn’t seem mild at all. 

Over all this was the best Japanese restaurant I have ever tasted in the Philippines. I WANT TO EAT HERE AGAIN. IT WAS SO WORTH IT.  







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