It’s Time For a Hornets #7 Jersey!

Most of you all now that Jeremy Lin agreed to sign with Charlotte Hornets after one season with the Los Angeles Lakers. Plenty of people re-acted on why he decided to have a 2-year contract with the Hornets instead of the Mavs. I would also want to congratulate him because I think he has found a team that will help him fit in and to continue doing what he loves most. Jeremy Lin has been through a lot before he could pursue his dream which is playing for the NBA. He was an underdog player and he wasn’t even drafted. He played for the Golden State Warriors, New York Knicks, Houston Rockets, Los Angeles Lakers and now with the Charlotte Hornets. Some say he is so weak and just an average player, doesn’t belong in the NBA and some say they’re glad he’s gone in LA. No hate please. I know each and everyone has our own opinions but others have so much hate. C’mon dude if you say that he sucks you must be a better player than him. Just sayin’… For all NBA fans, JLin bandwagons and haters let’s just continue to support him. To JLin don’t listen to what other people say about you or on how you play. You’ve given your all and big things are on it’s way for you. You’re a champion in the game and life/ We’ve seen it on and out off the court. It’s always between God and you only because the true judge is Him only. No matter which team you are playing we will always continue to support you and in you game! Good Luck with the Hornets Jeremy! I bet Hornets will be in the playoffs in 2016! Can’t wait!!!!!! Stay close to Jesus everyday Jeremy!!! 🙂

Jlin number 7 hornets

(*From JLin’s Facebook account*)

JLin: Going into my first true free agency as an NBA player this off-season, the one thing that mattered to me the most was finding a team that would be a good fit for me. I wanted to be on a team where I would be able to play freely and truly play the game I love with joy again. That has always been the most important thing to me. After a LOT of prayer and long discussions with family and friends, I wanted to personally let you guys know I’ll be joining the Charlotte Hornets.

My journey has never looked the way I (or anyone else) thought it would, but God has always worked things out for my good and I am confident that he will continue to do so. I want to thank Coach Clifford and the Hornets organization for this opportunity – for taking the time to talk to me, understanding my game, and most importantly, making it clear they believe in me. For those of you who have been patiently waiting for news, from the bottom of my heart, thank you for joining me on this journey. To the Lakers organization and the city of Los Angeles, thank you for your support this past season.

I have no idea what is coming next, but I promise I will do everything in my power to contribute to this team and to improve as a player and as a person. Here’s to the next chapter! ‪#‎audienceofOne‬ ‪#‎BuzzCity‬

Alan Ip: It’s time for a Hornets jersey

Jeremy Lin 林書豪: Time to go back to #7…thanks for your support!!

Stephen Gamez: YEAA!! Hornets will be a playoff team in 2016!!!

Jeremy Lin 林書豪: Thats the plan!!

Greg Lau: Will you be backing up Kemba or doing more shooting guard? Hornets could use both I think.

Jeremy Lin 林書豪: They want me at both the 1 and the 2, as well as running lots of pick and rolls. Great fit and opportunity!!

Kong Vang: God is good. But dang you busted a ninja style. Haha Awesome.

Jeremy Lin 林書豪: They don’t call me Naruto for no reason!

Marcy Wu: Look forward to your new season’s performance, good luck!

Jeremy Lin 林書豪: Can’t wait too. I think big things are to come!

Lawrence Chun: You really fucked the mavs over

Jeremy Lin 林書豪: What you read from the media isn’t always the full story

Hendra Wijaya: Why Hornets????

Jeremy Lin 林書豪: My free agency goals were to find the right fit and a place where I could be most empowered to be the player I believe I can be. After having multiple discussions, Charlotte was the obvious choice!

Shin Fu: COME BACK TO MAVS!!!!!!

Jeremy Lin 林書豪: Gotta go where they want me! Charlotte and Coach Clifford made it clear they really wanted and believed in me.

Yu Seven:  God will lead you to the right place you have to be. Good luck! No matter which team is your next stay we will support you as usual.

Jeremy Lin 林書豪: Always! It’s not always what I expect, but God always has my back. He sent me to Harvard when I thought it would be Stanford. He sent me to New York when I thought I’d stay on Golden State.

Jason ‘Torpedo’ Stewart: Good luck man, thanks for everything you did as a LAKER!

Jeremy Lin 林書豪: Thanks for your support! Didn’t turn out the way we wanted, but I gave it my all!

Roddy Beasant: Strahan Leaming he better not replace Kemba

Jeremy Lin 林書豪: No intention of doing that at all. Respect his game and plan on doing damage playing alongside him

Michael Zhu: care to share your thought process on joining the hornets? i personally felt like you would have a bigger role on the mavs and possibly become the starting PG since your competition would only be JJ barea (who i think you’re better than and would beat out for the starting PG spot). whereas on the hornets, you’ll be playing behind kemba and be in a seemingly lesser role.

Jeremy Lin 林書豪 : My number 1 priority was finding the best opportunity to get the most minutes playing my style of play. Won’t get too much into it, but Charlotte was by far the best choice. Spoke to Coach Clifford for a couple hours and really understands my game. I feel like he will bring out the best in me.


American Idol Recap: Chick Magnetism

my favs JAX and QAASIM lol


Like a flatline that finally goes “bloop,” American Idol‘s Top 12 Girls telecast sprang to life just when I was about to give up, start folding laundry and write an intro to this recap along the lines of “Season 14 officially belongs to the dudes.”

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KLUE radio in Texas organises a public Beatles bonfire

Saturday August 13, 1966: In response to John Lennon’s comments that the Beatles were ‘more popular than Jesus’, radio station KLUE in Longview, Texas organizes one of the first mass-burnings of Beatles records and merchandise.

Sunday August 14, 1966: lightning strikes the broadcast tower of the KLUE radio station damaging broadcast equipment, knocking the news director unconscious and forcing the station off the air.

The controversy over John Lennon‘s “more popular than Jesus” comments had been growing since late July. A public bonfire was on this day organised by the radio station KLUE in Longview, Texas.

“We are inviting local teenagers to bring in their records and other symbols of the group’s popularity to be burned at a public bonfire on Friday night, August 13.”
Station manager, KLUE
During the ritual, the Grand Dragon of the South Carolina Ku Klux Klan burnt a Beatles record on a large wooden cross.

As you can see from the context above, it shows how Karma occurs.

What is Karma? According to the dictionary…

noun: karma
  1. (in Hinduism and Buddhism) the sum of a person’s actions in this and previous states of existence, viewed as deciding their fate in future existences.
    • informal
      destiny or fate, following as effect from cause.
from Sanskrit karman ‘action, effect, fate.’
Karma happens to everyone. It basically means if you do something bad or evil to a person, it will eventually happen to you. If you do good deeds and you’ve been a kind and caring person, you will be rewarded by the good things.


  1. agadi-nwayi: old woman

Her mother will be an agadi-nwayi by the time she’s 50.

  1. ekwe: a musical instrument; a type of drum made from wood

I’ve always wanted to learn how to play the ekwe because of its amazing quality of sound.

  1. iba; fever

Don’t just drink your vitamins whenever you’re having iba.

  1. eneke-nti-oba: a kind of bird

During sunset a group of eneke-nti-oba flies in the yellow-orange sky.

  1. jigida: a string of waist beads

I often wear a dress with jigida.

  1. nza: a very small bird

The little girl found a nza on the sidewalk.

  1. ogene: a musical instrument; a kind of gong

I didn’t pick the ogene because I found it absolutely boring to play.

  1. ilo: the village green, where assemblies for sports, discussions, etc., take place.

We will have a soccer match at the ilo later at 2pm.

  1. ndichie: elders

Always listen to the nidichie because they’ve existed longer and had more life experiences than you.

  1. nno: welcome

Nno back to school!

In a Grove & Rashomon

10743547_10202163732535124_1315656038_n (1)

Recently in our English class, we discussed about the two stories “In a Grove” and “Rashomon” which are both made by Ryunosuke Akutagawa. He is one of Japan’s first modernist writers and he wrote horror stories in his life. The picture shown above is a debate that can be a representation for both stories. In a debate, there is a government and an opposing side. A debate is being done to argue against your natural point of view realize that arguments, like coins that always have at least two sides. It is about knowing the truth, lie, guiltiness or justice. In the story of Rashomon, it shows how the old lady lied the whole time just to live and committed a sin that is just pure guiltiness. In a Grove showcases there were lots of testimonies just like in a debate. There were lots of confusing stuff that happened and each characters had different point of views which was hard to tell whether the character was telling the truth or not.

Japanese Aesthetics

Aesthetics in simple terms means beauty. In Japanese Aesthetics, imperfection is beauty and perfection for them is dead. They really have a big difference of what they consider to be beautiful compared to the Westerns. Japanese Aesthetics is about embracing your flaws and being simple because it makes you beautiful.

landscapes cherry blossoms flowers bridges pink flowers 2800x1750 wallpaper_www.wallmay.com_21

In the photo above, I chose the sakura (cherry blossoms) because it symbolizes perishability which is one of the Japanese Aesthetics. Sakura are more beautiful because they don’t last forever. It is called “Mono no Aware” which means the transience of things.

Subway by Etsuro Sakamoto & Work: The Cycle by Micron

Subway by Etsuro Sakamoto

Everyday I step into a coffin
With strangers.

Nailing hurriedly,
My own coffin

I go toward the city
To be buried alive.

When I first read the poem “Subway” I first thought of the trains under a subway and sandwiches you find in a restaurant also called subway. The poem started with the word “Everyday” which means consistently, always, regularly, cycle etc, plays a great role to the persona because the author who is speaking tells us that the things he was doing in the poem is on a daily basis.”I step into a coffin with strangers”, the word coffin acts as the train while strangers acts as the unfamiliar people, employees, workers, commuters, students or simply passengers. “Nailing hurriedly to my own coffin” symbolizes that the persona was rushing and is wanting to assemble his own resting place to have peace because that’s what he’s working hard for. “I go toward the city to be buried alive”, the city is his final destination where he gets stressed of work and feels dead internally because of doing it over and over again.

Work: The Cycle by Micron

Wake, work, home, eat sleep
This cycle keeps on and on
As the time it takes is so long
Wake, work, home, eat sleep

Wake work home eat sleep
This cycle don’t seem at all to end
All your life in work you seem to spend
Wake work home eat sleep

Wake work home eat sleep
You start to see your life is slipping away
As people no longer around you stay
Wake work home eat sleep

Wake work home eat sleep
I’m surprised now I’m even getting time to eat
It would be bliss to stop rest my feet
Wake work home eat sleep

Wake work home eat sleep
You doing so many hours you feel ill
And you keep doing the cycle still
Wake work home eat sleep

Wake work home eat sleep
People bosses customers just keep adding more
You start to long for sleep and to snore
Wake work home eat sleep

Wake work home eat sleep
Something drastic happens the cycle breaks
And that all that it really takes
Wake work home eat sleep no more., ….

This is the poem by Micron entitled “Work:The Cycle” that resembles Sakomoto’s “Subway”. Micron’s poem tells us that the persona’s routine is to “Wake, work, home, eat, sleep” which also refers to the first word in Sakamoto’s poem “Everyday”. Both poems tells the readers that both of them are stress and dead eternally. Both poems also tells us that the cycle of working doesn’t seem to end and it seems that you used all your life in work.


Jeremy Lin Q&A|September 3,2014

JLin: In Dallas training at the Mo Williams Academy for the week…have some down time at the hotel… so it’s Q/A time! fire away

Tyler Wong: Favorite sandwich at Drfitwood??

JLin: Number 18 on dutch crunch and light on the pesto

Andrew Lavalley: Favorite nba team growing up?

JLinL: Golden State Warriors … from the bay #westcoastbestcoast

Calving Dong: How are your left handed layups going?

JLin: great…my trainer makes me do a billion a day

Mark Aaron Lin: Hi Jeremy, who is your favorite chrsitian author?

JLin: Tim Keller, John Piper, and Francis Chan

Robert Moy: Best thing to eat in LA for you?

JLin: in-n-out burger, roscoe’s chicken, korean bbq, and sushi

Ronald Yu: How many hours do you spend at the gym a day

JLin:  anywhere from 3.5-4 hours a day depending what day of the week it is

蔡敏中: What kind of hamburger do u like ?

JLin: if its a cheat day and i can eat unhealthy, id go for a bbq bacon cheeseburger with jack cheese and sweet potato fries or onion rings and a brownie a la mode milkshake. yummmm

Vickie Wang: Five minutes, a gazillion questions. What’s the weirdest thing you’ve ever eaten?

JLin:  not sure but the other day in texas i saw “fried frog legs” and “fried alligator” at pappadeaux. couldnt get myself to try it…

Harris Ngai: Do you like allen iversion?

JLin:  best crossover ever. one of the best scorers ever. played with all his heart. gotta respect him

Tejus Patel: How much dota 2 do you play? Do you sometimes attend LAN events and/or pubstomps?

JLin: havent played much dota2 this past summer. whenever i do, its turned from pubstomp into pubstomped. sooo sad…

Daniel Castellanos: Welcome to Dallas, big fan!
What’s your least favorite conditioning workout?

JLin: anything on the track. cant stand running in circles lol

Marsha de Vera: What motivates you?:)

JLin:the Man upstairs and my love for people. Or i guess to tie it together, using my love for the world and platform to point them to Jesus Christ

Winnie Alex Liu: Who what when where why Shu-How??

JLin: Ill assume youre asking what my middle name means. Shu means book. My parents wanted me to be smart…book-smart to be specific. How means a combination of loyal, courageous, bold, etc. I was named How because I wouldnt stop kicking in my moms stomach so they thought they should give me a fitting name

Brenton Shar Orika Hedlam: are you fit and ready to set the l.a fan alive??

JLin: Cant wait!!! Staples Center has always been one of my favorite places to play. Fans are unbelievable. I can already sense how big and fanatical the LA fans are based on my experience the last month or two since being traded.

Coby Pennington: How do YOU think the Lakers are gonna do this year?

Jeremy Lin :im not a prophet but my guess it that were gonna do better than most everybody else thinks we will do

Marin Osawa Do you pluck your eyebrows

Jeremy Lin ew no. is that even a thing???

Dalsten Faircloth Who is ur favorite teammate of all time?

Jeremy Lin my high school teammates who helped us win state my senior year. I still talk to them and hangout with them all the time. Homies for life

Ben Fu Favorite clash of clans troop??????

Jeremy Lin the Hog Rider. but im onto boom beach now…not too much CoC these days

Koren Elle Hi Jeremy! What is your favourite chip flavour?

Jeremy Lin flamin hot cheetos …..FIREEE

Iciy Lin Any new YouTube videos coming out?

Jeremy Lin be on the look out!

Laura Huang Would you consider yourself more of an introvert or an extrovert?

Jeremy Lin Extrovert but ever since NY, I have slowly evolved into more and more of an introvert

Suyu Zhang Favorite character in Super Smash Bros

Jeremy Lin Captain Falcon in the all black outfit

Mike Medina What shoes are you playing in this season?

Jeremy Lin adidas crazyquick 2 lows for the first half of the season
adidas crazyquick 2.5 lows for the second half of the season

Harold Spivey Best movie you’ve seen in the off season?

Jeremy Lin guardians of the galaxy #ilovegroot

Lachie Dowsett favourite non bball thing to do?

Jeremy Lin spending time with family and friends. we love video games, cards, movies, mini golf, and playing the game mafia

Iciy Lin U have the most enthusiastic fans ever Do u think so?

Jeremy Lin no question!!!!!

Daniel Roh Which church are you going to attend while in LA?

Jeremy Lin havent decided. still looking. lots of good ones i hear

Katrina Sanculi Espartero So Chandler Parsons said he was a “terrible cook,” are u a better cook than him?

Jeremy Lin absolutely….I’d be surprised if he knew how to use a microwave

Jaden Ye How much you bench bro?

Jeremy Lin my one-rep max is about ~250 but i dont usually do much one-rep maxing esp on bench

Cecilia Torres do you ever really answer these questions?

Jeremy Lin Cecilia Torres no ……………………

Gary Tran Jackie Chan or Bruce Lee?

Jeremy Lin Bruce Lee would win in a fight but Jackie Chan is a funnier actor….love them both

Julia Jiayu What do you miss most about Texas?

Jeremy Lin the amount of space…the wide roads, the big grocery stores, and the laid back atmosphere

Elaine Sun favorite dessert?

Jeremy Lin ice cream on top of a cookie or brownie

Patrick Nolasco Do you think Sasuke will betray Naruto again as a finale to the series?

Jeremy Lin I dunno yet I am not that far…but Naruto is my guy because he reminds me of myself…I am rooting for him.

Elaine Kuo What song do you secretly sing?

Jeremy Lin: Justin Bieber – Beauty and a Beat

Yuka Shigetsugu do you have any plans for coming to Japan??

Jeremy Lin that is my dream vacation spot! love sushi and that’s the place to be

Frank Castillo What are your top 3 must read personal growth books?

Jeremy Lin The Bible – God
The Reason for God – Tim Keller
True Humility – CJ Mahaney

Jacky Yeung Any advice for doing well at school?

Jeremy Lin read the text before lecture, take great notes, and study a little each day instead of trying to study a lot the day before an exam…also get a calendar to help you keep track of assignments and due dates.

Stephanie Diong Describe your life as a 3 course meal!


Jeremy Lin Breakfast: bratty arrogant kid
Brunch: the hibernation process (Harvard, D-league, lockout)
Lunch: the breakout (NY)
Dinner: the hibernation process part 2 (Houston)
Dessert: thats next on the menu

Jeremy Lin That’s all for today…thanks for hanging out with me!

Japanese Food All The Way!

Whenever I go to the mall with my family we often eat in a Japanese restaurant. Japanese food is my favorite!! I just love eating sushi and tuna with lots of soy sauce and wasabi! What I don’t like about eating wasabi is it’s painful in the nose. Anyway, I’m going to be sharing with you my experience eating in a Japanese restaurant called YABU:House of Katsu. Katsu means pork in English, that’s why it’s called House of Pork. While entering the restaurant we were welcomed in a Japanese greeting.



DSC_0009 9a

While waiting for our orders we were served a grinding mortar with sesame seeds called Suribachi. After grinding we mixed it with tonkatsu sauce.



One of us ordered a Salmon Katsu set. In a Japanese restaurant, they usually serve Miso soup, and unlimited cabbage. The salmon was very delicious it melted in my mouth!



I ordered a Pork Katsu served with miso soup, steamed rice, cabbage and fresh fruits. It was delicious, it melts in your mouh and it was tender but for me it was just an ordinary breaded pork.


I also tried the Rosu Katsu Curry Set, served with miso soup, steamed rice, unlimited cabbage and fresh fruits. I enjoyed this meal. It was just different from the Pork Katsu because it had curry, which was just mild hot. The spiciness didn’t seem mild at all. 

Over all this was the best Japanese restaurant I have ever tasted in the Philippines. I WANT TO EAT HERE AGAIN. IT WAS SO WORTH IT.